Equipment & Facilities

Our Equipment and facilities include:

  • Our large workshop and warehouse space
  • Two standby trucks – fully kitted
  • A fleet of vehicles including 4x4 trucks, utilities vehicles, vans and water trucks
  • Full rain effects kit
  • Extensive smoke effects setup
  • Flame, hosing, bars and manifolds
  • Large range of pyrotechnics and high tech firing systems
  • Fabrication and welding infrastructure, including a mobile container-based fabrication shop
  • Full range of practically every SPFX consumable and expendable required
  • An armoury with a large range of firearms and blanks
  • Fully compliant DG storage and management systems
  • New Zealand’s largest stock of artificial snow products

Licence, Compliance and Insurance

The Filmfx teams are fully licenced and comply with all national and regional laws and restrictions.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff. Most of the senior crew have B/A firefighting qualifications, as well as Hazardous Substances tickets.

All our crews are well known for their willingness to lend a hand in any situation to get the job done. We work as a team with Designers and Directors of each production, and no matter the circumstances, we consistently get the “shot in the can”.

Electric Interior Wind Machines

Dual Spinning Rain Truss in Action

2 Acre Snow Dressing

Vintage Power Rangers Explosion

Classic New York Steaming Drain

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