From mist and fog to in-camera smoke and haze, Filmfx is constantly upgrading its atmospherics equipment and consumables. This includes importing the best smoke and haze products from the UK and Europe.

Where fog or mist is required, a correctly resourced and crewed large exterior setup is essential on any given shoot day.

The wind is a crafty adversary, so having a comprehensive setup with the right equipment and redundancy is critical to minimise wasted time waiting for atmospheric effects to reach continuity levels. Filmfx uses proven techniques modified with the latest products to ensure any wait is minimal – because when your shooting, time is money. Our systems and products comply with all the requirements of the major studios, production companies, and content developers.

And we have comprehensive safety documentation and datasheets for all our products.

Smoke in the Woods

Atmospheric smoke can add a lot to the look of a sequence or location.

Atmospheric smoke in a junkyard set.

Battlefield smoke

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