Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Kinetic Effects

With a variety of equipment and techniques, we can cleverly use force and physics to achieve in-camera effects and elements for visual effects composition.

Our specialised equipment includes:

  • Hexed 6 degrees of freedom hydraulic motion control platform
  • A range of non-motion controlled hydraulic gimbles

Our team also has the ability to:

  • Fabricate hydraulic gimbles for specific loads and footprints
  • Utilise pneumatic rams and actuators in props and set-pieces to simulate movement and force
  • Use a combination of rigging and mechanical fittings to channel and exert instant force by dropping counterweights

Diggers making waves for shooting in a pool.

Rigging a slide to dump debris in front of high power fans

Hydraulic Motion Control Base

Boat on hydraulic gimble rigged infant of a water dump tank chute

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