Pyrotechnics & Explosions

Licenced operators with decades of experience, we can use explosives, pyrotechnics, and compressed air to simulate explosions and explosive effects.

Our large stock of products and equipment includes:

  • Proximity pyrotechnics to simulate explosive effects safely near stunt performers and cast
  • Large scale explosions of building and vehicles
  • Battlefield and war simulation effects
  • Short circuits and electrical faults
  • Futuristic laser blasts and weapon effects
  • The most up to date computerised firing systems, both remote and wired

With the correct planning and preparation, pyrotechnics can be used safely and effectively when filming – even if a quick turnaround is needed.

Filmfx has the experience, products and firing systems on hand to make squibs and explosions accessible for day to day shooting, in any format.

Dirt lifting charge with spark effects for Sci-fi pilot "Lumen"

Tent explosion for war sequence

Spark tube charges in proximity to actors

Classic Power Rangers gas explosion

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